Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to Begin

Well, I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs so I guess it was about time for me to start my own, but the question really is how do I begin. You know the song says "start at the very beginning" well I'm not going back that far. Maybe just a little background, I was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada, I have been married to a fantastic "guy" for 30 years, had 6 kids, the oldest 29 and the youngest is 16, 4 boys and 2 girls. So you probably are thinking there should be some grandkids, yeah thats what I am thinking too and I think my kids get tired of my hinting. Of course they have to be married and right now only 1 of them is married. Angela, child #3 got married last December to a absolutely terrific guy who fits right into our family, the only complaint I have about him is, he is taking her away to live in Texas soon. And that pretty much is my life, family and thats pretty much what this blog will be about.

Soooo, this past week-end we went up to provo, utah to attend the graduation of Angela, her hubby Anthony and Dan (child #2). It was really great, as a parent there are lots of times when our kids make us proud, well lets just say this was one of those times. Really proud doesn't describe exactly how I felt, lots of happiness, a little sadness (cuz they are so grown-up) excitement and a little fear for them and their futures. Overall, a good time was had by all.