Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's summer time

Well I think its officially summer at least for me. Graduations and other end of the year activites are over as well as a few june birthday and it seems like I can finally start to enjoy summer (meaning being lazy and waking up late). Of course every year I make lots of goals and plans to get alot done and wake up early, exercise, lose weight and well most of that doesn't happen but you know the saying "if you shoot for the stars and you don't make it at least you're going in the right direction" (well it's something like that). Anyhoo, we don't have any big trip plans for the summer because of the huge trip in may but just lots of resting and relaxing and puzzle making and games at the cabin. Which is just fine by me. Oh and guy has lots of golfing plans but thats another story. Hope you all have a great summer.

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  1. Hidee-Ho Neighbors!!! Congratulations to Bekkah. What will she be doing now?
    And also, I think somewhere in June we missed Guy's birthday. What, the 9th?? We owe you a dinner next time we're in town. Sure do love all you guys!!