Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jordan's first date!!

Well, its happened my baby had his first date, that's right I guess I really shouldn't call him my baby but he always will be my baby, my jordie baby, it seems like it was only yesterday that he looked like this. . .

Now he's all growed up and going on dates (he sure is handsome) Anyway he went to the homecoming dance with Brielle Wilke, a girl he has been friends with and grown up. They came to our house for dinner and then went to the Lion King. T
hey didn't even go to the Dance cuz "they're so lame" (why do we say we are going to Homecoming if we don't even go to the dance?!?) I'll say it again he looks so handsome and she looks very pretty.

The whole group Homecoming 2009, ready for a night on the town, "Seat Belts"


  1. Oh, fer fun!!! I used to be the nursery leader to Jordy and Brielle and is that Lindsey Robbins too?? Tell us who the other kids are? I sound like such an old lady but "my how time flies"!! What a nice looking group! Hakuna-matata!!!

  2. So fun! The boys did a great job! Thanks for dinner at your place :)